Friday, April 10, 2015

Feeling a Little Tipsy | OOTD

Hey y'all!  So i've decided that I am going to try and post my OOTD details with y'all from the week every Friday.  However, since I just decided to start this, I only have today's OOTD to show.

Today I wore my Lilly Pulitzer Cosmo Pink Feeling a Little Tipsy Eliza Dress!  The neat thing about this dress is that the tag was removable and the dress can be worn as a v-neck like I am wearing it, or it can be turned around and worn as a boat neck!  

So happy to be able to start wearing my Lilly Pulitzer White McKim sandals again for summer!

I also used my gold Lilly Pulitzer purse today that love to be able to just quickly grab when I don't need to take all of my stuff with me in my big purse.

Here are the accessories of today's outfit!  My monogram necklace and monogram earrings are both from Max and Chloe, the watch is Michael Kors, and the beautiful nautical cuff that I love pulling out in the summer is from The Gifterie Palm Beach!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time to Meet the Parents

It's time to meet the parents and help you understand why I love the beach and small towns!

My mom was born an raised At Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.  (how cool is that to grow up on an island?!)  She grew up in this quaint beach town located right outside of Jacksonville, FL.  She spent her school years cheering on the Fernandina Beach Pirates where my grandpa was the football coach and her summers were spent at the beach, riding her bike around town, and helping make boiled peanuts and cast nets.  On her way to the beach she would stop by the Putt-Putt Golf and get a Blue Raspberry Sprite, a sprite with a squirt of blue raspberry snow cone flavoring, to enjoy at the beach.  Now when her and I go to the beach there we always pick one up on the way.  Yum!  Some of my favorite things to do while visiting Amelia Island is walking through the historic downtown, eating outside in the fresh sea breeze, and watching the light house at night.  I also love going to the Shrimp Boat Festival which happens every year during the first weekend in May.  If you are every in the area, I would definitely take the time to visit this beautiful place!

Now onto my dad.  My dad is from the forgotten coast, also known as the panhandle of Florida!  There are so many small towns that run into one another creating this coast.  Taking a drive right down highway 98 you pass through the forgotten coast from Wewahitchka, FL to Port St. Joe to Cape San Blas to Indian Pass all the way to Apalachicola, FL.  If you go the opposite way it becomes less forgotten from Mexico Beach, FL to Panama City Beach (which I know everyone has heard of!) to Destin and Pensacola!  My whole life I have been brought up coming to this quaint area.  I have learned and experienced more irreplaceable things here than anywhere else.  From a young age my favorite things to do here are crabbing in Money Bayou, scalloping in the Bay, and sitting on the tailgate enjoying a bonfire on the beach.  Now that I am older these are still some of my favorite things to do, especially getting to bring some of my friends to our beach house we have here and letting them experience these things.  We love hanging out at Indian Pass Raw Bar, sitting on the porch, and doing karaoke on Friday nights!



With my mom growing up on the Atlantic coast and my dad growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, I have a true appreciation for the beauty and variance of the coasts that Florida has to offer.  I believe that both of these places have played a big role in who I am today and have given me memories that will last a lifetime.  Although my parents have both told me that small towns are not always peachy with everyone knowing everyone and your personal business spreading like wildfire, the closeness of the community is one of the things I cherish most and my heart is always happy when i'm visiting one of these small towns.

Have any of y'all visited any of these places or have a similar place near and dear to your heart?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We're Just Sittin' Pretty in Suntan City

 From drinking out of pineapples in Cozumel, Mexico to drinking out of coconuts in the Bahamas I think it is safe to say I had an amazing spring break!

For spring break my friends and I went on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Explorer of the Seas (were any of y'all on that ship?  I saw lots of Lilly!).  We had so much fun on this cruise that took us to Cozumel, Mexico and Nassau, Bahamas.

Our first stop was Cozumel.  While we were there we spent the day at a place called Mr. Sancho's and it was so gorgeous, I totally recommend it to anyone who will be traveling that way!  They had swimming pools, a tiki bar, and fun swings!

Our next stop was Nassau.  While we were there we went to a public beach called Junkanoo Beach.  It was so much fun!  There were little tiki huts surround the beach and they even had wifi!  Someone on a Lilly Facebook page I follow recommended this beach to someone and I decided to check it out and I loved it, thanks fellow Lilly lover!  It was just a short walk from our port so it was super convenient, there was also a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Señor Frogs, and Fat Tuesdays!  It was also Brandon's birthday while we were in the Bahamas.  We jumped off of a wall that was out in the water and it was a lot of fun but afterwards we read a sign that said "no jumping" oops!

If I had to pick a favorite time from the cruise, I couldn't.  It would be impossible.  Everything was so much fun!  From Mexico, to the Bahamas, and all the yummy food we ate in between i've just been wishing I could go back everyday.  It was the perfect way to spend my final college spring break!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feelin' the love ~ Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all!  I know this is a little late, but hey, better late than never!  I wanted to share with y'all the goodies I got from my valentines' as well as a fit review!

To start off, look at these beach pants!  Aren't they to die for?!  I was extremely shocked when I got these for Valentines Day because not only were these from a few seasons back, but they are extremely hard to find!  But of course, leave it to my mama, and she can find just about any hard to find, desperately in search of, item you are looking for!  These are my new obsession so I am going to go ahead and apologize now if you get tired of seeing them posted on Southern Lilly Lady!

The next thing I got, and something y'all will probably also get sick of seeing so much because it is just that extremely comfy, is the weekender jacket and pants in the new Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic!  These are super comfy and light weight that they are perfect for doing practically anything in.  The pants have a jacket it that back which is so convenient for cash, credit cards, or keys when you are out and about and need to free your hands.  However, there is one flaw.  When I said earlier that I had a fit review, it was for these.  I'm sure many of y'all are curious how they fit since there has been so much controversy on the sizing.  I will start off by saying I am a true size 2 and usually a small, but occasionally an extra small.  Well, that has now changed!  I got a medium in the jacket and a small in the pants.  The reason I sized up in the jacket was because of my chest, the jacket is still snug fitting the way it is supposed to be, but now I do not look like I was squeezed into it.  In regards to the pants, I kept the size small because I like my pants like these to be a little tighter and not stretch out to much through out the day.  However, I do not think a medium would have been way too big on me either.  Regardless of the sizing, everyone needs these!  They are great!

As many of you know, my boyfriend and I do not usually celebrate Valentine's Day.  February 14th is something much more special to us, it is our anniversary.  This year was our 6th anniversary!  Boy how the time flies!  Seems like it was just yesterday that he was the boy with cooties on the playground in elementary school and then he somehow became the "annoying" boy I had a secret crush on in my class sophomore year of high school and now he is my sweet boyfriend of 6 years!
Brandon took me on a surprise picnic by a lake where he presented me with this card.  Everything he wrote in the card was exceptionally sweet, but there was one thing in there that showed me how much he really does care and listen to me when I assume he has tuned me out:  A TARGET GIFT CARD!  Yep ladies, he is a keeper.  I'm sure all of you Lilly lovers know exactly what that gift card is for.  I have been blabbing on and on with excitement about the Lilly for Target collaboration coming up in April and have also been slightly freaking out that I won't be able to hoard all of the items.  It was at that moment that I knew he was a keeper since he supports my Lilly addiction!  (Just kidding Brandon, I knew you were a keeper before that!)

Yes that is my boyfriend's 5 year old handwriting, but I love it!

 Well I think it's safe to say I am one lucky girl with some amazing Valentines'!  I hope all of y'all had a wonderful Valentines and don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions about the fit of my new Lilly clothes!
Southern Lilly Lady

I figured I would share a struggle I face daily when trying to take pictures.  This is my cat Kitty and she loves to photobomb.  She's been begging to be in a photo so I gave in!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Selling & Buying on Instagram

As many of y'all know, I have two instagram accounts, @SouthernLillyLady and @LillyLadyCloset.  On my Lilly Lady Closet account I post new and gently used Lilly Pulitzer items for sale.  For a while now I have been considering posting items for my followers that they are trying to sell.  Recently I have noticed that a lot of people are trying to sell/buy on instagram and I have even had many followers ask me if I would post their items for them since almost all of my followers are following my closet instagram for the sole purpose of purchasing Lilly Pulitzer items.  I have finally decided that I will start posting items for my followers on my account @LillyLadyCloset with a strict set of guidelines & rules and a small fee of $2.

One of my biggest dilemmas I was facing when deciding if I would do this or not, was when I would have the time to post everyones items since I am currently a college student.  A solution I have come up with, that I also see to be very beneficial for buyers and sellers, is that I will designated one night a week for posting items.  I decided that Sunday nights are when I have a little extra free time, and buyers/sellers would also probably be home relaxing and able to shop and answer emails.  I find this to be helpful for all of us.  Sellers will have all week to email me their pictures and descriptions and to send me their payments before Sunday.  This also gives me time to notify the seller if they left any information out, such as the price or size of an item, so that it can still be posted on the upcoming Sunday.  I find this to also be nice for buyers because they can ensure that they do not miss any postings they may be interested in since they will know exactly when to check the account for new listings!

Guidelines & Rules

  • 1.  Send a good picture of the item you wish to sell to and include a description of the item (ex. size, style, print, anything to describe the item) and also include the price you wish to sell for and an email address where interested buyers can contact you.
  • 2.  Send $2 per photo through paypal to the email address
    • Log into paypal.
    • Click the "Send Money" tab.
    • Then fill in how much money you are sending and to whom you are sending it (
    • Then click "Services" as the payment type and hit send!
  • 3.  If a seller wants to reduce the price of an item that has already been posted but not sold yet, they can send me the photo again, let me know they are changing the price, and I will only charge $1 to repost the reduced item.
  • 4.  Sellers, you may never raise the price of an item once a buyer has emailed and agreed to purchase the item.  However, if you are willing to take offers, you can put in the description that you are open to offers.  If you do not put that, then buyers should not be price haggling you.
  • 4.  In order to sell an item, the interested buyer must email the seller directly and from there, the seller can send the buyer an invoice through paypal for them to purchase the item.
  • 5.  Once a buyer has paid for an item, please ship promptly.  If you cannot ship right away, please be up front with the buyer and let them know when they can expect their item.
  • 6.  Sellers must email me once the item has been sold and paid for so I can post SOLD on the photo.
  • 7.  All sellers must be honest and provide truthful information regarding an item they wish to sell.  The more description a seller can provide about an items condition, the less likely of a chance that the buyer will be unhappy and feel mislead regarding an item.  If a seller provides false advertisement, they will be blocked from the account and unable to sell/buy again.
  • 1.  Email the seller directly through their email posted in the description on the picture if you wish to purchase the item or if you have any questions about the item.  Do not comment on the photo asking the seller questions, because they probably will not see it.  However, commenting saying you have emailed is a good idea because if the seller sees that, but did not get your email, they can let you know!
  • 2.  Pay the seller promptly once you have received an invoice from them.  If for any reason you cannot pay for the item right away, make sure you let the seller know so they are not confused as to why they haven't received payment or so that they do not sell it to another interested buyer.
  • 3.  Do not price haggle a seller.  The only time in which you can discuss a price with a seller is if the seller is open to reasonable offers for an item.  Price haggling is not acceptable any other time.  If you do not agree with the price a seller has listed, just move on to a different item or check back next week to see if they have lowered the price.  If a seller complains of a buyer trying to price haggle, the buyer will be blocked and no longer able to buy/sell again.

Commonly Used Terms

Below are some terms that are useful when describing an item you are selling or considering buying.
  • NWT - New With Tags
  • NWOT - New Without Tags
  • GUC - Gently Used Condition
  • ISO - In Search Of

What Will I Post?

Currently, I will only be posting Lilly Pulitzer items and Lilly Pulitzer inspired items.  I will  post pictures for stores that want to advertise/sell something or for people who create Lilly Pulitzer inspired things such as crafts, paintings, pocket tees, etc.  I will also post for people who are in search of (ISO) a particular item and want to see if anyone knows where they can get it or has one that they would be interested in selling.  If you are unsure about something and wondering if I will post it, just send me an email with the item and a description of what you would like posted and I will let you know!  These posts will be the same as the sellers selling clothes, and will be $2 as well and I can repost it for an additional $1.  Depending on how this goes, I may end up creating a list of other brands that I will accept to post, but I will let y'all know if I decide to do that.

When Will I Post?

As for now, all items will be posted on Sunday evenings.  Sellers can send me things to post all week, and I will post everything I get on upcoming Sunday.  Depending on how many emails I receive, I may end up posting twice a week, but for now it will just be on Sunday evenings!  All listings will be posted on @LillyLadyCloset instagram account.

**I am not held responsible for any issues regarding the items purchased or sold**

If there are any issues between the buyer and seller regarding money or an item, please deal with these disputes through paypal.  However, if there are buyers or sellers that are not following the rules, please email me and make me aware of the situation so that I can make them aware of the rules.  If they continue to be a problem, then I will block them from buying/selling on my instagram account.

If y'all have any questions about how things work or are confused about anything please email me at!  I hope y'all enjoy this opportunity to shop and sell through me and I would love to hear feedback or any thoughts y'all have about it!

Southern Lilly Lady

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to my room!

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and are excited about watching the Super Bowl!  I'm always really excited for the Super Bowl, but not for the football part, just for the commercials and yummy finger foods!  Don't get me wrong, I do love football, but I am more of a college football fan than a NFL football fan.  I actually just put put some food in my crockpot for the Super Bowl so while i'm waiting for that to cook I decided I would give y'all a tour of my room!  I have had many questions about parts of my room when y'all have seen it in my pictures on Instagram so I decided to go ahead and give a tour of parts of my room!

Just a heads up!  Before y'all start looking through my room and thinking i'm a freak, I wanted to let y'all know in advance that I took out all of my pictures that I had in my picture frames so that is why they are empty!  Hope y'all enjoy!  

I will also post about some of my favorite things and include a link so that y'all can check the websites out!  (Just click on the name of the company to go to their website!)

I will start with something every girl loves, JEWELRY!

This is where I keep my pieces of jewelry that I wear most often!  The board that is holding all of my necklaces is something I made myself in the Lilly Pulitzer print Hotty Pink Ten Speed.  I added additional hooks to the board so that I could add a few more of my favorite necklaces to it.  As y'all can see a lot of my Jewelry is nautical and most of it is Lilly but I do have a few other pieces such as statement necklaces, bubble necklaces, my gold monogram necklace which came from Max and Chloe, my pink monogram necklace and nautical cuff which both came from The Gifterie Palm Beach,  and my cuffs that I have been obsessed with lately from 5th and Ashland!

The next things girls love after jewelry is more accessories!

This is another wooden board that I made in the Lilly Pulitzer Florida Print.  I made this and hung it right by my door to catch all of my things I use on a daily basis instead of me just laying them down all around my room.  Right now I have my monogrammed hat, my Lilly Pulitzer gold clutch, my brown Luggage colored Michael Kors purse, and my monogrammed clutch that has a removable strap and so many compartments inside from The Prickly Pear Boutique!  Other things I typically hang here are my backpack, my rain jacket, and my sweaters!


This here is my pointless and junk collecting bookshelf!  I originally got this book shelf because my kitten at the time (who is now a cat) was trying to jump on top of a mirror that I use for my hair and make up.  You will see part of the mirror in a different picture below, but this mirror is huge and very heavy and I was worried it would end up falling on her and that would be very bad!  So I got this really tall bookshelf thinking that both of us could use it!  She could careless about the bookshelf and I am still undecided about how I want to style it!  For now, i'm using it as storage for my Lilly bins that hold my school stuff and craft supplies.  I need y'alls help!  Please leave me a comment if yall can think of a cute way to style this bookshelf (without books!).  For a while I was thinking about trying to make every shelf a different theme or different color scheme, but now I just do not know!  So please leave me your ideas in a comment below!

Here is where it all happens...

This is probably the part of my room that I spend the most time at!  Yes, this is my desk, but more importantly than that this is where I get ready everyday!  In my top drawer I have school supplies, but then rest is all for fashion!  I have all of my make up, hair supplies, perfume, and everything else girls can't live without!  This is the big mirror I was telling y'all about that my kitten would jump on to!  I have a bunch of perfume, but I have some of my favorites on my desk in my Lilly tray along with my nautical desk lamp!  I think one of my all time favorite things about this part of my room is my seat cushion!  I had this custom made for my chair by My Pink and Green Garden which is an Etsy shop.  She also made my bulletin board that y'all will see in a few pictures.  I love it and she does an amazing job!  Right beside my desk in front of my window is a little Ottoman stool thing quatrefoils on it that opens up and I store my blankets inside it!  It is also Kitty's stool that she enjoys sunbathing on while looking out the window!  I really like this piece of furniture because it is so handy for storage and I found it at TJ Maxx for $29!

Here is a close up of my Lilly Pulitzer tray on my desk that holds a few of my favorite perfumes and my nautical light!  Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Betsey Johnson, Lilly Pulitzer Wink, and Forever Red by Bath and Body Works.  I definitely use my Lilly Pulitzer Wink perfume the most (I think that is my 6th or 7th bottle of it) but they discontinued it so whenever I see it I always snatch it up fast!

How exciting!.....

This is what's on the left side of my bed!  I call this corner of my room the nautical corner.  By now y'all know I am a nautical girl!  I love the beach and just think every aspect of it is so beautiful!  Some of you guys may be wondering why my night side table has hole in it!  Well as I said earlier, I took out all the pictures in my picture frames for this post.  This table is actually a table with picture frames in it! I think this table is so nifty and cute and it can hold 5 photos!  So thats why the table has holes!  Out of all of my furniture in my room, this lamp is by far my favorite.  This lamp is supposed to look like a coral colored beach pale full of sand and seashells!  Not only is the beach pale in my favorite color, but I don't think it could get anymore beachy than that!  The funny thing about this lamp is that I found it on the side of the road when I was headed to my beach house with my family.  We were driving along and saw an old guy selling knick-knacks and this lamp caught my eye!  I screamed (almost scaring my dad half to death) for him to turn around.  He looked at me like I was crazy but my mom told him to turn around.  Sure enough, it was exactly what I thought it was and I was in heaven!  We paid a whopping $20 for this lamp!  I also love my nigh light that is plugged into the wall that my sweet boyfriend gave me.  It reminds me of the Lilly Pulitzer You Gotta Regatta print since it has a sailboat on it.  I also love it because it is a picture frame!

These are also in the nautical corner of my room!  You can see the corner of them in my previous picture with my nautical lamp.  (again, just so yall dont think I'm weird, I took all the pictures out of the frames for this post!)  I found the 3 of these picture frames at a thrift store for .99 cents!  What a find for something that is right up my alley! 

Get excited again....

This is the right side of my bed!  On my night side table I have some Lilly Pulitzer magazines and my iPad Air that I got for Christmas (you can see the details in my last post about my Christmas goodies)!  I also have my bulletin board that I mentioned about which came from the same lady who made my You Gotta Regatta seat cushion for my desk!  Once I was out of my dorm room I didn't have much of a purpose for my bulletin board, but it has slowly become a sticker collector!  Ironically most of these stickers are from some of my boyfriends favorite places, but i'm okay with that if they make him happy!  A lot of these have also come from giveaways!  I have stickers on here from Over Under CoSouthern ProperBrewer's LanternBeau OutfittersSouthern TideSouthern Shirt Co, and Southern Point Co!

This isn't anything new for y'all!

Here is my bed!  All of the bedding is Lilly Pulitzer!  The quilt was monogrammed by It's a Girl Thing Monograms and you can also check them out on instagram @itsagirlthingmonograms!  They did an absolutely amazing job and I would trust them with any of my items!  The Pillow cases and the quilt folded at the foot of my bed are also Lilly Pulitzer and it is actually the twin bedding that I used in my dorm room!  Hanging above my bed is my Waltz sign (for those of you who don't know, a Waltz is a girls 21st birthday party that is themed and they wear a sign with a list of 21 things they must get done before the night is over)!  Of course I had a Lilly waltz!

Last but not least... MY CLOSET!

These are my closet doors!  I'm very fortunate to have such a big closet!  On the left are all of my dresses and on the right are my tops!  I figured I've shown y'all the inside of my closet enough and almost everyday I show y'all my outfit that came out of my closet so by now y'all know my closet pretty well so here is a look from the outside!  I have a couple of totes that I use pretty often hanging on the outside of my doors so that I can just grab them and go when I need them!  I was going to take my canvas off my wall for the picture, but it looked so naked without it so I just blurred out our faces, but that is a picture of my boyfriend and I at my beach house last 4th of July.  On the left I have a Lilly Pulitzer Chin Chin Printed tote and my Lilly Pulitzer Florida Printed tote and on the right I have two burlap totes that have my monogram on them!

I hope y'all enjoyed touring parts of my room!  If y'all have any questions about where I got anything from don't hesitate to ask!  Also if any of you guys can think of anything at all that I could do with my bookshelf please let me know or email me at!  I really want to switch it up and make it look cute rather than a junk collector but I just can't think of what to do!  Thanks for checking out my room and I hope y'all enjoyed it!  And again, thanks to each and every one of you for being the wonderful followers that y'all are!

Southern Lilly Lady

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Made it Down My Chimney!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and I hope that Santa came to visit each and every one of you!  I guess I was on the 'Nice List' this year because Santa definitely visited me and he knew just what I wanted!  For all of y'all who follow me on Instagram (@SouthernLillyLady), here is a close up of all my goodies!

Left: Fiest Pink     Middle: Flutter Blue     Right: Island Coral

I was so excited when I opened these!  As most of y'all know, these are my absolute favorite sandals!  I'm always wearing my gold ones and pink ones and I wear them so often that I have to get a new pair every 6 months!  These are the Lilly Pulitzer McKims, and I got them in 3 new colors!


Here are my Lilly Pulitzer Lets Cha Cha goodies!  I'm pretty sure that only in Florida will you receive a bikini and a scarf for Christmas!  This is my favorite bathing suit.  It is super comfy and has removable straps to make it strapless!

Keene Bandeau in Turquoise Lets Cha Cha
Surfs Up Bottom in Turquoise Lets Cha Cha

Wireless bluetooth speaker featured in Lets Cha Cha

Murfee Scarf in Turquoise Lets Cha Cha

I got an iPad Air!  I'm so excited to use this for my #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and blogging!
(Oh yeah.. I guess I will use it for school too...)
The cover I have for it is called a Tech Clutch and it is in the print called Multi Lulu

Left:  Lilly Pulitzer Darla Top in New Green Daisy Lane Lace
Right:  Lilly Pulitzer Colleen Romper in Schooner Blue Dock Hopper

Left:  Grace Dress in Starfruit Yellow (love the details beading!)
Right:  Dawson Dress in True Navy Dot Dot Dot Lace (those are gold sequins on the bottom!)

Bags, Jewelry, and Perfume
Lilly Pulitzer Shoreline Tote in Sand Bar Blue in the Florida print 
(It matches my Florida print Murfee Scarf!)
Lilly bow bracelet, a Lilly anchor bracelet, a Lilly frog ring, and a Lilly charm necklace!
Plus, I got some of my favorite Lilly perfume called Wink that is no longer made and oh so hard to find!  I have to snatch a bottle whenever I find one!


I love and cannot wait to monogram my new North Face backpack that my boyfriend gave me!  I'm 
also head over heals for my new Ray-Bans!

My best friend knows me way too well!  She gave me this beautiful gold blanket with my monogram in coral (gold and coral are my favorite colors)!  She also got me a huge thing of coffee and a Lilly Pulitzer coffee travel mug in Hotty Pink First Impressions (my favorite Lilly print)!  EVERYONE knows my obsession for coffee!

And last, but not least, I got a new pair of riding boots!  Y'all all know how obsessed I am with my Michael Kors brown Hamilton riding boots in the color Luggage and now I have the EXACT same ones but in black!  My santa is definitely a special Santa for finding these after they were discontinued 2 years ago!

I hope everyone had a very special and merry Christmas.  I'd love to hear about all of the goodies that Santa brought y'all (I know none of my followers were on the naughty list)!  Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged.  It's hard to balance everything with school work, but I sure do enjoy doing it when I have the time!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Southern Lilly Lady